This summer Moscow becomes the football capital of the world. However, it won’t be just about football: at the same time Moscow will hold ‘Music.
Football 2018’ festival. Super-stars of electronic music will make the tune of the most important football combats for the whole month. On 13th of July the series will be closed by a set of a passionate football fan and one of the most demanded Dj’s in the world, Solomun.

The most football DJ is in Moscow again. Long time ago Mladen Solomun dreamt of a professional sport career and was even ready to play for a youth select team of Germany, but in the end he has chosen the music. What he appears to have not a single doubt about: the title of ‘King Solomun’ is now almost official.

His career is something to be admired, cause 7 years ago Mladen Solomun was known only to the habitués of the Hamburg club Ego. And then, the miracle happened. In 2011 his version ‘Around’ (Noir & Haze) was called a «remix of the year» by Resident Advisor. In summer 2012 Solomun becomes the resident of Ibiza and produces the parties of his label in Sankeys club. These ‘Diynamic Neon Nights' become a revelation even for the spoiled public of the Dancing Island. Critics started talking about ”breaking conventions”, about Solomun’s skill to smartly handle the music heritage of three decades and to add to the modern dance music a sparkling lightness of funk and disco.

Last year Solomun’s glory made a new loop. He is wanted everywhere. His label Diynamic now produces its own stages on the main electronic festivals of the planet, he releases remixes of the hits of Interpol and his old friends, Dubfire и Kiss Kittin. And, of course, keeps on developing his DJ’s career. Last summer, on Ibiza his was doing three parties at the same time, again: ‘Solomun+Live’ in Destino boutique hotel, ‘Diynamic Showcase’ in DC10 and ‘Solomun+1’ in Pacha Ibiza. And it doesn’t matter where he performs – on a huge Tomorrowland festival or private DC 10 on Ibiza – dancefloors will be always packed when he is on stage.

Moscow clubbers could learn it by their own experience – his sets in Space Moscow, Gipsy and Stadium were always sold-outs. Appears, that it will happen again: Solomun + football = win-win combination.
This time Solomun will play together with his old friend and colleague Holger Bin (aka HOSH).

Holger Bin, known back that time as H.O.S.H., was one the first to enter the famous Diynamic Family and today is one of the key players of that label. Here, he made his biggest releases —‘Karma', ‘Ego’ and noticeable collaboration with Solomun and Stimming, EP ‘Trilogy’. He is a compulsory participant of almost all show-cases of the label and regularly performs with Solomun on festivals.

In 2017 Holger Bin changed the writing of his pseudonym, a well known H.O.S.H. got rid of dots. This insignificant, to the first view, correction is a symbol of big changes occurring today in artist’s life. He moved to Ibiza from hometown Hamburg and this island inspired him to new feats. The first result of this move is a release of ‘Stories From Sa Talaia’ album – 2-hours trip to the world of dreams and fantasies.